Aviso - Cnes Data Center

For registered users, this interface allows ordering many types of altimetric or Doris products from the beginning of each mission ( Topex / Poseidon , Jason -1, 2 & 3, Envisat, Cryosat-2, SARAL/AltiKa, Haiyang-2A, Copernicus Sentinel-3A&B and SPOT-2, 4 & 5). Environmental or meteorological products, as well as auxiliary data files used for processing are also available.

NB: This catalogue does not include till now the Ssalto/Duacs multimission data, nor replace the "Data" pages on the Aviso website

NB: The individual login/password for the Aviso + -Cnes Data Center differs from the others data access services (Authenticated FTP, Opendap, ...)

Access/subscribe to Aviso+ Cnes Data Center