Tide Gauge Networks

One possible comparison is between altimetry data and measurements of in situ networks. Several such networks exist over the ocean, like GLOSS/CLIVAR, PSMSL or REFMAR. They provide external and independent in-situ measurements, enabling the comparison and the validation of altimeter data.

The map below displays the cross check indicators relative to the comparison between altimetry and tide gauges for the different in-situ networks: for each tide gauge, the criteria defined below allow determining the relevance of an altimetric mission in the estimation of the quality of the in-situ time series:

  • correlation altimetry/tide gauge > 0.7 within 150 km around the tide gauge
  • rms of the differences between the altimetric and the tide gauge time series < 10 cm

Consequently, a green indicator will attest of the relevance of a tide gauge time series with the comparison to altimetry (at least 4 satellites checking the criteria). Conversely, a black indicator indicates that no altimeter data can be used to assess the quality of the given tide gauge, which latter will thus not be considered in the assessment of altimeter data.

Click on the tide gauge icon to access to light or full version of the information card corresponding to the assessment of the in-situ measurements with the different altimeter missions. The reading guide for the information card is available here.

Tide gauge network GLOSS PSMSL CNES REFMAR  
Comparability check (all networks) 1 sat 2 sat 3 sat At least 4 sat
Tide Gauge network