An El Niño this year?

Lively Data : October 18, 2004

Sea level anomaly evolution in average over the Nino 3.4 area (see Averaging an area) between August 22, 2004 and September 15, 2004, left (below, the evolution since October 1992), and longitude-time diagramme over this period between 5°S and 5°N (see # Longitude-time diagram), right.

A weak El Niño seems to be coming end of this year (see El Niño bulletin. The LAS allow you to visualize what happened previous year, and to compare it with what's happening now. So, will there be an El Niño this year? Nothing sure, but tendancies seem to agree with it, even if they are not clear-cut. Something to keep an eye on, then... with the LAS!