A breath of air in Arabian Sea

Lively Data : August 28, 2006

Wind measurements coming from Jason-1, Topex/Poseidon, GFO and Envisat are available via the Live Access Server. These information can provide really useful information such as seasonal distribution of wind fields.

Top: Seasonal averages of wind speed modulus, North West of Indian Ocean, respectively: spring, summer, autumn and winter 2004. Bottom: Same, but on 2005.
Select "Gridded Wind Speed Modulus" then "Wind speed modulus Jason-1", and choose "define variable" in the left menu. This option allows you to compute some statistics with data sets. Choose "average", define your temporal period and finally your area.
The palette we used for those maps is the "temperature rainbow" one, it is available in the "output options".

The maps show that wind distribution in summer (both for 2004 and 2005) is really particular: the increasing values result from the Moonsoon phenomena that occurs during this period.