Wind fields changes in latitude and in time

Lively Data : February 26, 2007

Not only a viewer tool, the Live Access Server provide a good, fast and easy way to follow the temporal evolution of ocean phenomenas, from short time scales to higher time scales - where anual/seasonal signals are dominant. Hereafter a short example:

Up: wind fields as measured by Jason-1, respectively in July 2004 and January 2005, longitude is fixed at 26°W; you can compare in this way two typical situations (i.e winter versus summer) at a monthly scale.
Bottom: on a 3 years basis in Indian Ocean, at 60°E, the anual cycle of wind fields is strongly linked to the moonsoon in this area; it is really highlited by such plots.
Choose "Gridded Wind Speed Modulus" then "Wind speed modulus Jason-1". In "select view" menu select the "yt(lat/time) slice", then the time range.