Online Data Extraction Service: how to use it for coastal studies

The Drake passage, South of South America is one of the key are in global ocean circulation. It is also a complicated area when going close to the American continent. Most altimetry datasets are made for "open ocean". However, a huge number of interests, both practical and scientific are close to the coasts. Thus caastal altimetry is a rising thematic, with several initiatives ongoing.

The new Aviso+ Service, Online Data Extraction Service, provides with X-Track coastal SLA data made by CTOH, with specific processing and corrections applied. This is THE tool to go and select only the parameters you're interested in, where you wish to look at them.

The tutorial below shows you how to select and download the data over part of the Drake passage with a demonstration of the preview functionnalities.


Access Online Data Extraction Service
the login/password requested when downloading is your Aviso FTP login/password if you're already registered. Request one by subscribing if not.