Online Data Extraction Service : how to use it for hydrology

On June 11, torrential rains led to a flood over the Parana river. The floodgates at Yarecita dam were opened, with an elevation of the level of about 5 m.

The new Aviso+ Service, Online Data Extraction Service, provides with the Experimental hydrology data (Pistach project). This is THE tool to go and look at this river through altimetry.

The tutorial below shows you how to select and download the data over one track (#178) crossing the river.
A little rough processing with BRAT (after converting the extracted data to NetCDF3, for the time being) enable to look at the river crossing on June 19, and notice the river banks in latitude, and at the whole time series between those latitudes.

 Height computed over the whole extracted track (for 2014-06-29), left. Taking into account an estimate of the banks (steep changes in left curve), rough estimate of the Parana river level over the whole Jason-2 time period. 

Access Online Data Extraction Service
the login/password requested when downloading is your Aviso FTP login/password if you're already registered. Request one by subscribing if not.