Online Data Extraction Service: how to use it for ocean studies in specific areas

In some areas tides  are difficult to modelize the same way that the rest of the ocean. Thus in some regions, using a local tide model might be interesting. However, most refined altimetry data have a built-in tide model, and GDRs might seem complicated. This is the reason why the Corrected Sea Surface Height were made. They provide with a pre-computed Corrected Sea Surface Heights (tides included) but also with the different corrections applied.

The new Aviso+ Service, Online Data Extraction Service, provide with the classical Aviso's CorSSH data (all satellites). This is THE tool to go and select only the parameters you're interested in, where you wish to look at them.

The tutorial below shows you how to select and download the data over the Zapiola area with only the fields (plus longitude, latitude and time) which are relevant in this case.



Access Online Data Extraction Service
the login/password requested when downloading is your Aviso FTP login/password if you're already registered. Request one by subscribing if not.