Welcome in the new « Aviso+ Products VisualiZation Portal»!

By clicking on this link (prefer Mozilla Firefox or Chrome for navigation), you will enter the vizualisation portal for samples of current or future products of the Aviso+ catalogue. These products are not updated in real time, they are representative of a short past period (December 2014). In this second version of the tool, along-track products (Level 2 and Level 3) complete already existing gridded products (Level 4 products and auxiliary products).

Screenshot of Aviso'VIZ

Products currently available in Aviso'VIZ (disseminated by Aviso+)

  • Mean Sea Level rise (MSL)
  • Significant Wave height (MSWH)
  • Wind Speed (MWIND)
  • Mean Sea Surface (CNES-CLS-2015)
  • Mean Dynamic Topography (CNES-CLS2013)
  • Barotropic tidal currents from Tide Model (FES2014)
  • Tide model FES2014
  • FSLE (Finite Size Lyapunov Exponents)
  • Geophysical Data Record (GDR) for J2 and SARAL
  • X_track products on 3 regional areas (Med. Sea, North-East Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico/Carribean) from LEGOS/CTOH

Products currently available in Aviso'VIZ (disseminated by CMEMS)

  • Map of Sea Level Anomaly (MSLA)
  • Geostrophic currents from MSLA
  • Map of Absolute Dynamic Topography (MADT)
  • Geostrophic currents from MADT
  • Absolute Dynamic Topography (ADT) for J2 and SARAL
  • Sea Level Anomaly (SLA) for J2 and SARAL

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How to find nearest data.

When you arrive on the portal, a welcome message indicates how to use the visualization tool. The interface is intuitive. Nevertheless, if no data appear, please click on "Find nearest data" (at the bottom of the interface).


Aviso'VIZ only provides visualisation capabilities and not products downloading. The aim is to promote altimetry-derived products and to help users discovering new products. 

The aim of the tool is to propose a simple visualization of produtcs that are (or will be soon) listed in the Aviso+ catalogue, without filtering or post-processing. For example, users can discover data holes in products or data going over land (due to the processing method). Users can then have a clear idea of content and finish.



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