Jason-CS / Sentinel-6


Jason-CS / Sentinel-6 is the follow-on to Jason-3. Jason-CS will ensure continuity with Jason-3 with a first launch in 2020 (Jason-CS / Sentinel-6A) and 2026 (Jason-CS / Sentinel-6B). The Jason-CS / Sentinel is part of the Copernicus Programme and is a result of international cooperation between Esa, Eumetsat, European Union, Noaa, Cnes and Nasa/JPL.

It will follow ocean surface topography reference missions since 1992 with a high inclination orbit at 1336 km.

Jason-CS / Sentinel-6 will use a new satellite bus based on CryoSat, with a capability to mitigate orbital debris (de-orbiting within 25 years required). The Poseidon-4 altimeter will operate in the so-called ‘interleaved mode’ that provides simultaneously pulse-limited waveforms (computed on-board and in line with previous reference missions) and Full Rate RAW waveforms that allow SAR processing on-ground!!

Satellite  Jason-CS / Sentinel-6
Launch on  10/11/2020
End Date 
Altitude  1336 km
Inclination  66°
Repetitivity  10 days
Agency  ESA/Eumetsat/EU/Cnes/Noaa/Nasa
Goals  Measure sea surface height