The Swot satellite is planned to carry onboard a wide-swath altimeter-interferometer in Ka-Band ( KaRIn ), a classical nadir-looking altimeter, as well as the usual complement on altimetry satellites : precise location systems and radiometer. 

The core technology for SWOT is the KaRIN SAR Radar Interferometer, originally developed from the efforts of the wide swath ocean altimeter ( WSOA ). KaRIN will measure elevations at high precision and spatial resolution. KaRIN will be complemented with the following suite of instruments: a Jason -type (C- and Ku-band) nadir-looking conventional altimeter, a three-frequency microwave radiometer, similar to the advanced microwave radiometer (AMR) flown on the ocean surface topography mission (OSTM/ Jason -2 & 3), as well as global positioning system (GPS) receivers and a DORIS (Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite) transponder for precise orbit determination.