Key dates for Swot

2021 Expected launch date
Mid 2016 Start of NASA & CNES Phase-C/D
(beginning of the conception and building)
January 2016 NASA/JPL Preliminary Design Review
(this review demonstrates if the preliminary design meets all system requirements (risks and schedule constraints are also identified)
February 2014 CNES decision to install a nadir altimeter onboard SWOT
October 2012 Formation of the Science Definition Team (SDT) Swot SDT 201507
September 2012 NASA Mission Concept Review (MCR)
2011 AirSWOT development started AirSwot JPL Nasa
2010 NASA/CNES (including CSA) workshare agreement reached
September 2008 Program kick-off
2007 A joint informal NASA/CNES Science Working Group (SWG) for SWOT was formed
2007 Decadal Survey recommended SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) as a combined mission for land hydrology and oceanography applications
1998 Wide Swath Ocean Altimeter (WSOA) was selected for NASA's Instrument Incubator Program