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Documents and presentations

Artist's view of Swot (Credits Cnes/Ill. D. Ducros, 2012)
  • Lee-Lueng Fu, OSTST 2018, SWOT Status and Challenges
  • Lee-Lueng Fu, OSTST 2013,  SWOT mission design for advancing mesoscale oceanography
  • C. Ubelmann et al., OSTST 2013, New perspectives for future high-level Ocean Altimetry products
  • F. D'Ovidio et al., OSTST 2012, Guiding biochemical campaigns with high resolution altimetry: waiting for the SWOT mission pdf
  • E.C.Pavlis et al., OSTST 2012, Altimeter Calibration and Tectonics Inference Oceanographic Network (ACTION): From OSTM to SWOT, pdf
  • F. Nencioli et al., OSTST 2011, SeaGoLSWOT: an oceanographic campaign in support of the AirSWOT mission in the Northwestern Mediterranean, pdf
  • J.C Souyris, OSTST 2010, Upcoming altimeter measurements: explaining interferometric SAR, pdf
  • A. Mallet, OSTST 2010, KaRIn/SWOT performance analyse tool; application to near nadir swath extension, pdf

Multimedia Gallery

  • Swot topic: Images and animations with some artist views, presentation leaflet, ...

White Papers

Four “white papers” have been prepared by members of the SWOT Science Definition Team. 

  • Tides and the SWOT mission: Transition from Science Definition Team to Science Team, Brian K. Arbic et al., Jan. 2015 (pdf)
  • Coastal and Estuaries White Paper. Part 1 : Estuaries and nearshore processes Issues and SWOT contribution in the coastal zones and estuaries, B. Laignel et al., Mar. 2015 (pdf)
  • Coastal and Estuaries White Paper. Part 2 : Coastal seas and shelf processes, N. Ayoub et al., Mar. 2015 (pdf)
  • Mesoscale/sub-mesoscale dynamics in the upper ocean (pdf)

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