Different kinds of dataset are available by Aviso.

  • Sea Surface Height products are the products mainly oriented toward sea (or lakes, or ice...) surface height. They are the basic and most well-known products from altimetry
  • Value-added products are higher level products (L4+) dedicated to specific use: eddies, ocean variability or cryosphere studies
  • Wind and Wave data (Wind speed modulus, Significant Wave Height) are dedicated to sea state studies. They are used in real-time for assimilation in wave height models, or in climatologies.
  • Auxiliary products that are data derived from altimetry, and that can be used in altimetry data process
  • Altimetry Ice products dedicated to sea ice as well as ice sheets
  • Indicators are high-level products dealing with the ocean "health". Mean Sea Level is the first of those.
  • Ocean data challenges are used to perform studies about the future constellations such as the use of the SWOT mission
  • In-situ products  are dedicated to tide gauge. They can be used for comparison with altimetry.
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Access and use the data


a collection of software and documents to help you use the Aviso data, including:

Data access services

Aviso data are available through different means (FTP, LAS, Opendap, ...). You'll find here description of those, and information on how to use them.