Application content

The current version of the application is divided into 3 parts:


In this category, users can find all types of regularly updated information coming from the AVISO+ website. Front-page news, press review, operational news are displayed in an interactive window.

You can also have direct access to multi-mission products, image of the Month, and the last bulletins of the following ocean indicators:

  • Mean Sea Level
  • El Niño
  • Kuroshio
  • Ionian sea circulation

Guided tour

This category aims at presenting ocean and what causes changes in sea level. Then, you can discover all applications of altimetry and oceanography such as:

  • Sea level rise
  • Climate
  • Research
  • Wind and waves
  • Environment and safety at sea
  • Cyclones
  • Currents
  • Biology
  • Lakes, rivers and inland seas
  • Closer to the coast


The AVISOcean gallery proposes tens of images related to ocean, altimetry, waves, water, etc.

All images presented have been chosen for their topic, colours and rendering. You can have a slideshow of all images, download them on your device (to be used as desktop background) or send them by e-mail.