Books and magazines


For children

  • Tell me about the Oceans ,
    UNESCO Publishing / Nouvelle Arche de Noé Éditions, 2003
  • Topex/Poseidon and Jason-1, surveyor of the ocean,
    BT Espace, PEMF, 2003

General public

  • The changing ocean, Its effects on climate and living resources,
    B. Voituriez, Unesco Publishing, 2003
  • Understanding the Indian Ocean,
    T.S.S. Rao and Ray C. Griffiths, IOC Ocean Forum, Unesco Publishing, 1998
  • Currents of change, El Niño's impact on climate and society,
    Michal H. Glantz, Cambridge University Press, 1996
  • Coastal zone space - Prelude to conflict?,
    Edward D. Goldberg, IOC Ocean Forum, Unesco Publishing, 1994

For students

  • Essentials of ocean science,
    Keith Stowe, J. Wiley & sons Ed., 1987
  • The ocean basins: their structure and evolution,
    Open University, Pergamon Press, 1995
  • Seawater: its composition, properties and behaviour,
    Open University, Butterworth Heinemenn, 1997
  • Waves, tides and shallow-water processes,
    Open University, Butterworth Heinemenn, 1997
  • Ocean Circulation,
    Open University, Pergamon Press, 1991


  • The oceans,
    Scientific American, Special Issue, Fall 1998
  • Observing the ocean by altimetry,
    Cnes magazine special issue, december 1998