Altimetry & Doris posters

A few posters and leaflet explaining how altimetry and Doris work.

Altimetry & Doris leaflet, 2011

Monitoring the ocean with altimetry - updated in 2011 - (Credits Cnes).


Jason-2 : 1 satellite, 8 instruments (Credits Cnes)
A serie of satellites (Credits Cnes)
The Jason-2 mission (Credits Cnes)
The role of Cnes (Credits Cnes)
International cooperation (Credits Cnes)
How altimetry works (Credits Cnes)
Flying Tandem (Credits Cnes/CLS/Nasa/JPL)
Ssalto/Duacs Near-real Time Multi-altimeter Products (Credits Cnes/CLS)
Altimetry yields a wealth of information (Credits Cnes/CLS/Nasa/JPL)


2012: Doris, a permanent evolving space technique for Earth sciences research
Doris, the space surveyor (Credits Cnes)
The satellite abolishes natural and political borders (Credits Cnes)
Doris, the space surveyor (Credits Cnes/CLS/Nasa/JPL)