Applications posters

A few posters and leaflet showing the altimetry and Doris applications.

Altimetry & Doris leaflet, 2011

Monitoring the ocean with altimetry - updated in 2011 - (Credits Cnes).


No life on Earth without the ocean (Credits Cnes)
At the heart of the climate machine (Credits Cnes)
What will the ocean be like tomorrow ? (Credits Cnes)
Contributing to ocean models (Credits Cnes).
Measuring sea height (Credits Cnes).
Seeing the hurricanes coming (Credits Cnes).
Closest to the coasts (Credits Cnes)
Monitoring currents (Credits Cnes)
Monitoring water resources (Credits Cnes)


From tangerine to spud (pdf)
(Credits Cnes)

Leaven in the pastry? (pdf)
(Credits Cnes)

Palpitations of the Earth (pdf)
(Credits Cnes)

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