Posters of satellites









Wind and waves (Credits CNES, CNSA)
A scientific and operational mission (Credits CNES, CNSA)
A joint French-Chinese mission to study climate (Credits CNES, CNSA)
French instrument Swim (Credits CNES, CNSA)
A French-Chinese cooperation during the operational phase (Credits CNES, CNSA)
French algorithms in China and Chinese algorithms in France (Credits CNES, CNSA)
Chinese instrument Scat (Credits CNES, CNSA)
Du vent et des vagues (Credits CNES)


Jason-1 & Topex/Poseidon sailing over the seas (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/Nasa/JPL)

Jason-1 & Topex/Poseidon 1999 Poster
(Credits Cnes/D.Ducros/Nasa)

Jason-1 & Topex/Poseidon 1996 Poster
(Credits Cnes/D.Ducros/Nasa)

Comparing Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/Nasa/JPL)

Ten years of ocean observation from space (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/D.Ducros/Nasa/Noaa)

A fine example of successful cooperation (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/CLS/Nasa/JPL)


Jason-1 mission: first observations (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/Nasa/JPL)

Jason-1 satellite view (pdf)
(Credits Cnes/CLS/Nasa/JPL)