Warm waters

Image of the month - December 2003

The difference between sea surface temperatures computed by the MFS model and a normal situation (from 'MedAtlas' climatology) for September 1st, 2003. Temperatures are higher by 4 to 5°C than the climatology. (Credits MFS / Mersea)


Last summer, the Mediterranean sea reached especially high temperatures, with a maximum of more than 32°C in August, i.e. 4 to 5° C more than the normal mean temperature for this period.
Sea temperature is not only of interest to swimmers; warmer water evaporates more, contributing moisture to passing clouds. Today, such phenomena are monitored by ocean forecasting models. These models integrate altimetry observation data to keep forecasting as close as possible to reality. Improved seasonal climate forecasts are one of the benefits expected from them.

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