Jason-1: third year in orbit!

Image of the month - December 2004

Jason-1 ongoing construction; Launch on December 7, 2001; Artist's view of the satellite in orbit. (Credits Cnes/Nasa)

Jason-1 celebrates its third year in orbit on December 7, 2004. This anniversary marks the beginning of the "extended" phase of the mission, after the three-year "nominal" phase. During those years, especially thanks to the tandem mission with Topex/Poseidon, the harvest of results has been more than nominal!
With Ssalto/Duacs data in near-real time, operational applications, like Mercator or hurricane intensification forecasting, have developped. New applications are been created, over solid land, near the coasts, or in combination with other sensors, that showed up in the "Images of the Month".

Latest Ssalto/Duacs map and Mercator forecast of current velocity in the Gulf Stream.
(Credits Cnes/CLS for the Duacs map, Mercator Océan for the forecast)

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