High tides at Mont Saint-Michel

Image of the Month - March 2015

Tidal elevation in meters from FES2014 tidal model off French Atlantic coasts between 2015/03/20 6:00 pm and 2015/03/21 11:00 pm (one frame every 6 hours). Credits LEGOS/NOVELTIS/CNES/CLS.

An exceptionally high spring tide with high tidal coefficients of 118 and 119 hit Mont Saint-Michel off France’s Normandy coast on March 20 and 21, 2015.
The tidal model forecast low waters at 2:00 pm and high waters at 7:00 pm, so all in all, an huge tidal range  of more than 14 meters! These values are in agreement with tide gauge data and SHOM forecasts, and thus show the high quality of the FES2014 global model in coastal areas.

Tide elevation (in centimeters) time series at Mont Saint-Michel from the FES2014 model over the period of March 2015. Credits LEGOS/NOVELTIS/CNES/CLS.

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