Aviso/Altimetry - Saral/AltiKa freeboard maps

Saral/AltiKa freeboard maps

In the frame of the PEACHI project, sea ice freeboard maps are computed for each SARAL/AltiKa cycle during winter, starting from cycle 08. The first step of the processing is to classify the waveforms as lead or sea ice echoes. The off-nadir leads are edited before computing the heights above the mean sea surface of leads and sea ice (hooking effects). The freeboard is then deduced as the difference between sea ice and leads heights. The maps are obtained by averaging the along-track freeboard per 1°x2° boxes over the entire SARAL/AltiKa cycle.


Freeboard height in cm (difference between sea ice and leads heights) estimated from AltiKa measurements on Arctic ocean, from 2013 (cycle 08). Credits CNES-CLS-LEGOS.

Saral/AltiKa Sea Ice extent

In addition, the following movie illustrates the evolution of sea ice extent from Saral/AltiKa in the Arctic and Antarctic regions from March 2013. Each map corresponds to the percentage (per box) of waveforms classified as sea ice.



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