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2020-04-01 April 2020: Arcachon Bay between tides

Swot will enable to retrieve both waterlines and their elevation over intertidal areas, ecologically sensitives and ever-changing zones.

2020-03-27 CNES message

In the current situation, like in nearly all space agencies over the world, CNES has taken action in order to secure all critical activities, and ensure the safety of all its agents at the same time.

2020-03-02 March 2020: CFOSAT

CFOSAT is a French-Chinese satellite launched on October 29, 2018.


On February 25th, SARAL celebrates seven years in orbit. It continues a major contribution to Ocean monitoring as well as climate change studies.

2020-02-19 China France CFOSAT satellite data are now available

CFOSAT was launched on October 29th 2018 with the two radar instruments SWIM and SCAT on board. All the satellite, instruments and ground segments elements are functioning well. 

2020-02-12 [Jason-3] Safe Hold Mode recovery status

Since the switch of Jason-3 to Safe Hold Mode on February 5th, detailed analyses have been performed on the RAM of both redundant sides of Jason-3

2020-02-07 Release of Sentinel-3 Peachi data (S-GDR)

New Sentinel-3 Peachi data are now available to users. These data comes from a LR-RMC processing

2020-02-06 [Jason-3] New Safe Hold Mode

Yesterday, on February 5th, at 21:00:53UTC (cycle 147, pass 45) , a new Safe Hold Mode was triggered on Jason-3, immediately stopping its measurements.

2020-02-05 February 2020: Monitoring the small wobbles of our Earth's center of mass

The terrestrial crust moves around its geometrical center. This motion is smaller than the size of a cherry, but can be monitored using satellites and Doris.

2020-01-31 [Jason-3] in Safe Hold Mode on January 31st, 2020

Today, January 31st 2020, at 04:51:17 UTC, during pass 154 of cycle 146, Jason-3 was automatically reconfigured to Safe Hold Mode, immediately interrupting its measurements.


Anny Cazenave, Emeritus Research Scientist at the LEGOS space geophysics and oceanography research laboratory, expert adviser to CNES and fellow of the French Academy of Sciences, is to receive the 2020 Vetlesen Prize for achievement in Earth sciences.

2020-01-21 [Saral/AltiKa] new GDR-F products standard

Following OSTST recommendations, we are really happy to provide to Altimetry community the release of the SARAL/AltiKa new GDR-F products standard.

2020-01-17 Release of the regional XTRACK Tidal Constants product

The XTRACK Tidal Constant is a new added-value coastal altimetry product. It provides accurate along-track tidal constant estimates at regional scale and includes all coastal seas in the world. This product usefully completes tide gauge observations for tidal studies, the validation of tidal models or data assimilation into models.

2020-01-17 CNES DATA center access

Access to CNES Data Center is available again. Recovery is completed.

2020-01-07 Lake Kariba level is very low

The lake Kariba is a reservoir lake on the Zambezi basin. Its level has been dropping for the past year and a half.

2020-01-02 January 2020: Heat is going up in the Kerguelen fronts, following elephant seals

Combining altimetry heights and filaments with in situ data from marine animals'dive, the in-depth structure of a dynamic oceanic region such as the Kerguelen Island is better understood.

2019-12-12 December 2019: Mean dynamic topography

Since the first Mean Dynamic Topography dataset disseminated through Aviso, 15 years have gone by with several upgrades issued, and many improvements in quality and in the method used.

2019-12-11 Po river at a high level

Po level at a Jason-3 crossing (Hydroweb) The Po river, South of Venice in Italy is at a high level this late November, as seen by several altimeters

2019-12-02 AVISO+ FTP server recovery

Recovery of AVISO+ FTP server has been completed

2019-12-02 Temporary unavailability of the AVISO+ FTP server

AVISO+ FTP server is unavailable since Sunday December 1st 23h UTC.

2019-11-28 Venice Acqua Alta November 2019’ event measured by satellite altimetry

Sea level anomaly measured by the altimetry constellation over the Adriatic seas on the 13th of November 2019.

2019-11-27 SARAL/AltiKa : new GDR-F products standard demo delivery

A demo delivery of the SARAL/AltiKa new GDR-F products standard is now available.

2019-11-19 Release of the Mean Dynamic Topography MDT_CNES-CLS18

We are pleased to announce you that the latest version of the Mean Dynamic Topography called MDT_CNES-CLS18 is now available.

2019-11-13 November 2019: 2019 monsoon monitored using altimetry

Altimetry enables to follow and understand the sequence of events leading to monsoon onset, in conjunction with other remote sensing data

2019-11-07 FTP protocol important information

We would like to inform users that the FTP protocol is no longer supported by most common browsers

2019-10-25 Call for articles for a Special Issue of Remote Sensing on Altimetry Cal/Val

The call for papers is open to all aspects of calibration and validation over all surfaces and including Cal/val of the necessary ancillary information or details on Cal/Val strategies for upcoming missions (deadline:31st May 2020)

2019-10-22 Mescoscale Eddy Trajectory Atlas in Near-Real-Time

The Aviso+ team is pleased to announce that the Mescoscale Eddy Trajectory Atlas in Near-Real-Time is now available on the Aviso+ ftp service.

2019-10-15 CFOSAT: first International Science Team meeting

The first meeting of the CFOSAT International Science Team was held in Nanjing from 23 to 25 September 2019.

2019-10-08 Jason-2 altimetry satellite decommissioned after more than 11 years of ocean monitoring

The ocean-observing altimetry satellite mission, Jason-2, will end on 10 October 2019 following a joint termination decision made by the four mission partners (NASA, CNES, NOAA, and EUMETSAT).

2019-10-01 October 2019: Monitoring an iceberg topography with altimetry

Satellite Radar altimetry can also measure ice topography over huge icebergs thus monitoring their melt and fragmentation.

2019-09-30 [Jason-2] OSTM/Jason-2 mission to cease acquisition of scientific data

After more than 11 years in orbit, the Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM) on Jason-2 will permanently cease acquisition of scientific data.

2019-09-06 Hurricane Dorian seen by satellites

Hurricane Dorian seen by remote sensing satellites : wave parameters from CFOSAT, Jason-3, Jason-2 and Copernicus Sentinel-3A/B, wind speed from Copernicus Sentinel-1, SMOS and SMAP and ocean ernergy content from models.

2019-09-02 September 2019: Internal tides in the Solomon Sea change with ENSO phases

A better knowledge of internal tides, both coherent and incoherent, is primordial for SWOT altimetry mission. A study in the Solomon Sea shows the complexity in predicting internal tides.

2019-08-05 How to use altimetry for hydrology? - now also in Spanish and Portuguese

A document to explain altimetry for hydrology on Aviso+

2019-08-01 August 2019: Fifty years ago...

Fifty years ago, a meeting took place in Williamstown, USA, where the possibilities for observing the Earth (solid and ocean), including from space, were discussed. Altimetry was much recommended.

2019-07-23 American Great Lakes at or near their highest in June/July this year

All measurements, altimetry included, are showing the American Great Lakes are at a very high level this year.

2019-07-08 SWOT Science Team call (TOSCA)

CNES, in agreement with NASA, is launching a call for SWOT scientific proposals for the period April 2020 through March 2024

2019-07-03 July 2019: increasing wave power

Wave power, taking into account both the wave heights measured by altimetry and their periods has increased globally.