Operational News

Operational news about Ssalto and Duacs processing system.

2020-01-17 CNES DATA center access

Access to CNES Data Center is available again. Recovery is completed.

2019-12-02 AVISO+ FTP server recovery

Recovery of AVISO+ FTP server has been completed

2019-12-02 Temporary unavailability of the AVISO+ FTP server

AVISO+ FTP server is unavailable since Sunday December 1st 23h UTC.

2019-11-07 FTP protocol important information

We would like to inform users that the FTP protocol is no longer supported by most common browsers

2019-09-30 [Jason-2] OSTM/Jason-2 mission to cease acquisition of scientific data

After more than 11 years in orbit, the Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM) on Jason-2 will permanently cease acquisition of scientific data.

2019-06-12 [Saral/Altika] Cycle 128 GDR release

GDR cycle 128 (11 March 2019-15 April 2019) was just released recently