Operational News

Operational news about Ssalto and Duacs processing system.

2018-01-22 SSALTO ground segment data production delayed

Due to an unexpected anomaly occurred Saturday January 20th and affecting the SSALTO ground segment, data production is delayed

2017-11-30 Jason-2 IGDR reprocessing done

Jason-2 IGDR reprocessing is done and products are validated ok.

2017-11-16 Dissemination of incorrect Jason-2 IGDR products (cycles 507 to 512)

Due to a wrong processing configuration, Jason-2 IGDR cycles 507 to 512 are incorrect (same anomaly as for cycles 505-506, datation bias of over 2ms).

2017-10-26 Dissemination of incorrect Jason-2 IGDR products (cycles 505-506)

Due to a wrong processing configuration, Jason-2 IGDR cycles 505 and 506 are incorrect

2017-10-04 [JASON-2] : Resuming the mission

Jason-2 will soon be in a favorable period for restart, and the planning for mission resuming has been defined.

2017-09-27 Temporary unavailability of the CNES ftp server on October 3, 2017

For maintenance reason, the Cnes ftp server (ftp://avisoftp.cnes.fr) will be unavailable on October 3, 2017 between 06:00 and 18:00 UTC. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2017-09-15 [Jason-2] : Satellite in Safe Hold Mode since 14 September 2017 07:13:04 UTC

After 2 months of smooth operation on the Long Repeat Orbit (LRO) the Jason-2 spacecraft entered safe hold mode yesterday (Thursday, September 14th) at 07:13:04 UTC.

2017-08-30 [JASON-3] Expected telemetry outage during next JA3 DEM upload

Today, Wednesday 30th of August, the most complex part of that upload will take place between 14:00UTC and 14:20UTC. During that timeframe, a telemetry outage of less than 10 minutes should be expected.