Aviso proposes several ways of accessing data. Some of them need an authentication to get access. If you are not registered and want to access to an authenticated service, we request you to fill in the online form.


New authenticated dissemination services

Since March 26th 2018, the new authentication services are available as described below:

Services login (=email)/password delivered by Aviso+)
(password lost? click here)
specific login/password    
My private space "My AVISO+" click here. For any question, please consult our FAQ   
Gridded Data Extraction tool link to the access page  
Thredds Data Server (TDS) link to the access page  
Aviso+ CNES Data Center
Please ask for specific registration directly on the website


Ocean Bulletin
Interface to vizualize Ssalto/Duacs maps for Sea Level Anomalies, Absolute Dynamic Topography, Wind and Waves by  choosing a date and an area. 

  • Registration form

    Register to get access to Aviso product, be informed of all updates, product information and reprocessing

  • FTP

    Aviso FTP is an authenticated FTP. All Ssalto/Duacs product users need an account on FTP, whether for NRT or for DT data, for along-track and gridded products. In NRT, the most recent data are available via FTP.

  • Aviso+ CNES Data Center

    This interface is used by Cnes to archive a wide range of altimetric (including GDRs, SGDRs, etc) and auxiliary data (including Earth rotation parameters, atmospheric correction data...).

  • LAS (Live Access Server)

    The Live Access Server is a highly configurable Web server designed to provide flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data. Plot the Global/regional gridded dataset in NRT (more than one month) and in DT.

  • Thredds Data Server

    The Opendap enables access to remote data sets through familiar data analysis and visualization packages (e.g. Matlab, IDL, Ferret, ncBrowse, Live Access Server), just as if they reside locally on the user's machine. An authentication is required to access it. Get access to the global/regional gridded dataset in NRT (more than one month) and in DT.

  • Gridded Data Extraction Tool

    Aviso+ data extraction tool enables to extract a data sub-set from the Aviso gridded datasets. You can choose either an area (by its geographical coordinates or among pre-defined regions), or a period for variable(s) within a given dataset. An option helps you to make your own Python script command lines that matches the extraction.

Service Visualization Download
to get access
Ocean Bulletin Yes No No No
LAS Yes No No No
Authenticated FTP No Yes Registration
Yes with 
individual login
Opendap No Yes Registration
Yes with 
individual login
Data Extraction
No Yes Registration
Yes with 
individual login
Aviso - Cnes Data
No Yes Dedicated Registration Yes with
individual login(1)
Aviso.Cnes FTP
No Yes No No

(1) The individual login/password for the Aviso-Cnes Data Center Service differs from the others.