Product information

  • Aviso+ user handbooks

    Aviso data user handbooks (in pdf), with description of the data processing, format and contents.

  • Data format

    Description and help on the different data formats used for Aviso data.

  • Citation and Aviso+ products licence

    How to cite Aviso data in articles when you use them?

  • Information about mono and multi-mission processing

    Transforming raw data into an easily usable form involves a great deal of data processing.

    From raw measurement to final user friendly product, several steps performed by expert teams are needed.

    Specific processing (dedicated algorithms or adapted corrections) improves the conventional satellite radar altimetry products leading to more accurate data near the coasts and inland waters.

  • Updates and reprocessing

    Aviso have been distributing altimetry data worldwide since 1992. Since that date, satellite altimetry has evolved: new missions, upgrades, reprocessing, new standards, new processing methods, etc, allowing significant impact on the product quality.