Operational News

Operational news about Ssalto and Duacs processing system.

10.05.2021[CFOSAT] Upgrade of SCAT processing chain

new SCAT IPF version 3.2 deployed on May 10th 2021[more]

19.02.2021CNES major system update foreseen on February 23rd

On Tuesday, February 23rd,  CNES will perform a major upgrade on its SSALTO distribution systems.[more]

03.12.2020[Jason-3] Disclaimer on Jason3 Calval OGDR/IGDR

Slight increase of +5mm of the difference between the radiometer and the model wet tropospheric correction in OGDR and IGDR production.[more]

18.11.2020Information about Online Data Extraction Service ODES

ODES services are no more available [more]

29.10.2020[Jason-3] Doris instrument recovered - OGDRs in standard F starting tomorrow

Today, Thursday Oct. 29th at 08:30UTC, Jason-3 DORIS instrument was restarted successfully.[more]

28.10.2020[ Jason-3] Doris anomaly preventing altimetric products generation

On Tuesday October 27th, at 13:23UTC, Jason-3 DORIS instrument was forced to stand-by mode by Jason-3 OBSW due to an internal communication anomaly[more]

08.10.2020[CFOSAT] Upgrades of SCAT and SWIM processing versions

Please find below information concerning CFOSAT products:[more]

28.07.2020[SARAL/AltiKa] GDR-F reprocessing on-going

We are pleased to inform you that the SARAL/AltiKa GDR-F reprocessing is on-going and already partly available.[more]

29.05.2020CFOSAT SCAT Wind products: new version 3.0 since May 28, 2020

Version 3.0 of the IPF SCAT has just been deployed in operation on May 28th, 2020.[more]

28.05.2020[ODES] ODES data no more available

Due to a system failure, we would like to inform users that access to ODES data is no more possible. You will find most of the data via your personal account on the AVISO + FTP :(https://www.aviso.altimetry.fr/no_cache/en/my-aviso-plus.html) Data that can be retrieve on AVISO+ FTP server are : Recent version of CTOH XTRACKS data. PEACHI data from Sentinel 3 satellite I/GDR Pistach products L2P products (replacing CORSSH products) For any questions plesase contact AVISO+ Service Desk at aviso@altimetry.fr[more]

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