This main category deals with all technical subject related to altimetry, radiometry, Doris, etc. You can find here explanations about technics mentionned in this website that are major in the altimetry domain.

Content of "Techniques" category

  • Altimetry

    Altimetry is a technique for measuring height. Satellite altimetry measures the time taken by a radar pulse to travel from the satellite antenna to the surface and back to the satellite receiver. Combined with precise satellite location data, altimetry measurements yield sea-surface heights.


    The Doris system is a french civil precise orbit determination and positioning system. It is based on the principle of the Doppler effect.

  • Radiometry

    This section deals with microwave remote sensing which aims at extracting information on physical structure and electrical properties of an object or a scene by electromagnetical field analysis (sea, ice, ground, vegetation, urban areas, atmosphere, rain and clouds …).