Cool Australian eddies

Lively Data : March 28, 2007

The East Australian Current flows along the australian coastline and carries strong eddies southwards. Last summer sea was quite cold off Sydney: the CSIRO Marine Research teams explained it because of a cold persistent eddie. Let's view it with Live Access Server.

The maps show the East Australian Current features, and highlight the cold (in blue/violet) eddy located towards 34°S on February 23th; on the third figure, we can notice that the eddy location is precisely a strong area of ocean variability.

Left: Absolute dynamic topography, merged datasets, February 23th, 2007. Right: zoom on Sydney area, and variance of absolute topography signal over last 6 months.
In LAS datasets main menu, select "SSALTO/DUACS near-real time Absolute Dynamic Topography" and the "Maps of Absolute Dynamic Topography Merged", then define your geographic area. The variance function is provided with the "define variable" option, you only have to select "var" in the menu. Here the variance is computed on a 6 months period, from August 25th, 2006 to February 24th, 2007.



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