08.10.2020 15:18 Age: 294 days

[CFOSAT] Upgrades of SCAT and SWIM processing versions

Category: Operational news

Please find below information concerning CFOSAT products:

1/ On September 28th7h39 TU a level-2 processing upgrade on SCAT-L2A and NRT products has been made: the oceanic correction (NOC) is now applied when the wind is computed leading to improve the quality of measurements.

2/ The version 5.1.1 of SWIM (AWWAIS) processing will be installed on October 12th. This is an adjustment to version 5.0.1 released since the end of June: modification of the MTF (from MTF1 to MTF3) which allows to obtain an improved SWH on the off nadir measurements. Moreover, from this version, the nomenclature of the products will change: in the filename, the "OPER" code will change to "OP05" code.

This version will allow to trigger the reprocessing of all SWIM acquisitions since the beginning of the mission. We hope to have completed this reprocessing by the end of the year.