03.05.2021 09:41 Age: 50 days

New version of the OHC-EEI product

Category: Ocean and climate news

The new version of the Ocean Heat Content - Earth Energy Imbalance product accounts for a new ensemble of ocean mass solutions derived from gravimetry measurements.

The temporal evolution of the Earth energy imbalance indicator is approximated by the global ocean heat uptake variations. The global ocean heat uptake was first filtered-out from signals lower than 3 years. The envelope error is computed at 1.65 (i.e. at 90% confidence level), as well as the uncertainty on the slope which corresponds to the acceleration on the ocean heat uptake.

This ensemble is still provided by the LEGOS ( ) and was updated 

mainly with a new leakage correction and an earthquake correction. Only the most reliable GRACE raw data were kept in this ensemble. For instance data from October 2016 to June 2017 were not considered as the mission suffered a degradation of its operational capability. 


The OHC-EEI product is now generated until August 2016.


The description is detailed in the product page and in the user manuals (ATBD and PUM).