10.05.2021 08:33 Age: 1 year

[CFOSAT] Upgrade of SCAT processing chain

Category: Operational news

new SCAT IPF version 3.2 deployed on May 10th 2021

The new SCAT IPF version 3.2 will be deployed in operation in the CWWIC (CNES Wind and Wave Instrument Center) on May 10th
Please find below information about the main changes brought to SCAT products with this version :
  • L1A: Some known errors have been fixed.
  • L1B:
    •  The noise calibration has been adjusted for the backup data of payload in order to improve the temperature adaptability of the data.
    • The internal calibration parameter calculation algorithm has been updated in.
    • The quality control strategy has been adjusted, which makes the effective data improved in some abnormal circumstance.
    • The problems of last frame sometimes padding zeros has been fixed.
    • Multi core CPU parallel processing is applied.
  • L2: the calibration LUT, the MLE normalization LUT and the QC LUT were re-calculated based on the updated L1B data.