19.07.2021 08:02 Age: 65 days

Release of AVISO+ Multivariate Inversion of Ocean Surface Topography Internal Tide Model (MIOST-IT)

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MIOST-IT solution is based on an original gridding process using ocean signals modes variability and all altimeter measurements available on the nearly entire altimeter era



MIOST-IT database includes 4 tidal components for the ocean internal tide surface elevations. Each tidal component is described by 2 grids (amplitude and phase) provided on a cartesian grid 1/10°x1/10°.


  1. The internal tide elevations for the four tidal frequencies M2, S2, K1, O1, are available for download.
  2. The tidal prediction code is also available to download in a "prediction" folder.


More detailed informations can be found in the product page here