Resolution and smoothing

Lively Data : March 18, 2005

Resolution of data available in the Live Access Server depends on the datasets. Some, like the NRT-MSLA are even available in two different resolutions (see Lively data, July 15, 2003: question of resolution). But, except for the delicacy of the details, it seems difficult to decipher what is the resolution by looking at the maps, since the LAS smooths all the details.


Below : Low resolution Sea level anomalies (NRT-MSLA low resolution, 1°) over the Indian Ocean. The area zoomed is plotted with the "Contour fill style" at "smooth" (top), and "raster" (bottom -- "smooth" is the default). With the "raster" version, the pixels of the data are shown with the data resolution.

Below : Same plots with the high resolution sea level anomalies (1/3°). More details can be seen, as well as smaller pixels in the raster version.













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