The Chinese (CNSA) and French (Cnes) Space Agencies jointly plan a satellite mission devoted to the monitoring of the ocean surface wind and wave, and related ocean and atmospheric science and applications: CFOSAT project (Chinese-French Oceanic SATellite).

The CFOSAT embark two main instruments:  the french radar SWIM (Surface Wave Investigation and Monitoring) to determine the direction, amplitude and wavelength of surface waves and the chinese scatterometer SCAT to measure wind speed. 

The ground segment is shared between chinese (Mission and Control centers) and french centers (Instrument mission center and waves and wind mission center).

Further information:

Satellite  CFOSAT
Launch on  29/10/2018
End Date 
Altitude  ~500
Inclination  90°
Agency  Cnes-CNSA
Goals  Measure sea state (wind/wave)