The CFOSAT orbit will be repetitive with a 13-day cycle, sun-synchronous, at an altitude of 520 km and a inclination of 97.4°.


Orbit requirements

A global coverage and a more frequent sampling lead to a good compromise on the repetitivity at 13 days.

The inclination allows a sun-synchronous orbit in order to minimize tides aliasing and monitor main water bodies on continents.  


Orbit parameters

Main characteristics
Semi-major axis 6891.984 km
Eccentricity 0.000123
Inclination (non-sun-synchronous)97.4779°
Argument of perigee 90°
Auxiliary data
Reference altitude (equatorial) 520 km
Nodal period94.9 min
Repeat cycle 13 days
Ground track separation at Equator2645 km
Number of revolutions per day 15 + 2/13

Video showing CFOSAT ground tracks and ground stations.