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- Hauser D., C. Tourain, L. Hermozo et al., "Radar observation of surface ocean waves and wind from space: first results from the SWIM instrument on-board CFOSAT" has been submitted to IEEE TGRS on October 16th 2019 and is presently under review.
- Jianqiang Liu, Wenming Lin (corresponding author), Xiaolong Dong et al., "First results from the rotating fanbeam scatterometer onboard CFOSAT" has been submitted to IEEE TGRS on November 2nd 2019 and is presently under review.
- Hauser, D., C. Tourain, J.M. Lachiver, 2019. "CFOSAT: A New Mission in Orbit to Observe Simultaneously Wind and Waves at the Ocean Surface", SPACE RESEARCH TODAY, 206, 15-21, DOI: 10.1016/
- Rodriguez Suquet R., L. Hermozo, C. Tourain, C. Tison, D. Hauser, P. Schippers et al., "CAL/VAL phase for the SWIM instrument onboard CFOSAT", IGARSS 2019, DOI :  10.1109/IGARSS.2019.8900093
- Hauser D., C. Tison, T. Amiot, L. Delaye, N. Corcoral et al, "SWIM: the first spaceborne wave scatterometer",  IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and remote Sensing, 10.1109/TGRS.2017.2658672 , VOL 55, 5, May 2017

  • List of oral and poster presentations at conferences 

- Tourain C., C. Tison, P. Castillan, J.M. Lachiver, D. Hauser, "A new satellite for the observation of wind and waves", OSTST 2019
- Hauser D., L. Aouf, B. Chapron, F. Collard, A. Dalphinet et al.,  "CFOSAT: New wind and wave observations from the nadir and near‐nadir SWIM Ku‐Band instrument", OSTST 2019
- Ollivier A., F. Piras, M. Dalila, G. Dekeyne, C. Tourain, J.M. Lachiver, A. Dalphinet, "Performance Analysis of the SWIM ground‐ segment solution  for retracking nadir  echoes", OSTST 2019
- Picard B., J.A. Daguez, M. Siméon, A. Ollivier, J.C. Poissin, V. Gressani, C. Tourain, J.M. Lachiver, "Rain flags for SWIM on-board CFOSAT: methods and assessment", OSTST 2019
- Aouf L., B. Chapron, F. Collard, A. Dalphinet, "The assimilation of CFOSAT wave data in the wave model MFWAM : Ready for operational use ?", OSTST 2019

Multimedia Gallery

CFOSAT animations, artist views and presentation leaflet.

CFOSAT poster explained the goals of the mission by measuring wind and waves
CFOSAT a scientific operational mission
CFOSAT , a joint French-Chinese mission to study climate
CFOSAT French instrument Swim

Serie of posters on the CFOSAT mission. Credits CNES, CNSA.

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