Coastal Tide - X-TRACK

Amplitude of the M2 tidal constituent in meters over the region North East Atlantic (NEA)/ Credits CNES/CTOH.

Types of dataset: auxiliary products
Contents: regional along-track tidal constants products for long time series missions.
Use: coastal oceanography, tides model
Description: the regional along-track tidal constants are computed from regional Sea Level Anomalies X-TRACK for 73 tidal constituents by using harmonic analysis, for long time series missions (Topex/Poseidon+Jason-1+Jason-2 and Topex/Poseidon interleaved +Jason-1 interleaved).
The X-TRACK Tidal Constant is a new added-value coastal altimetry product. It provides accurate along-track tidal constant estimates at regional scale and includes all coastal seas in the world. This product usefully completes tide gauge observations for tidal studies, the validation of tidal models or data assimilation into models.
Geographic coverage: regional
Format: NetCDF 4
Condition of access: Tide currents are delivered for scientific purposes only as stated in the licence agreement
Citation:X-TRACK tidal constants products are now identified by a DOI. Please use it when citing X-TRACK. For the last version the DOI is 10.6096/CTOH_X-TRACK_Tidal_2018_01

Geographic coverage:the zones have been defined as indicated below:


For details on the defined areas, please click on the map.

Copyright : 1993- ongoing. These products were developed, validated and distributed by CTOH/LEGOS France. Publications should include the following statement in the Acknowledgments: “Altimetry data used in this study (doi 10.6096/CTOH_X-TRACK_Tidal_2018_01) were developed, validated by the CTOH/LEGOS, France and distributed by Aviso+”.


Satellite Type Authenticated access services
Data period File weight
Topex/Jason-1/Jason-2 along-track FTP (more information in the 'product page' of your private space) Feb 1993 - Jul 2015  
Topex Interleaved orbit (TPN)/Jason-1 Interleaved orbit (J1N) Sep 2002 - Feb 2012