Auxiliary products

Auxiliary products are most often satellite altimetry by-products, but sometimes they are combined with other types of data (in situ, tide gauges..).


Mean Sea Surface

Mean sea surface height wrt T/ P reference ellisoid computed on a 20 years period (1993-2013).
This Mean Sea Surface (also called MSS) corresponds to marine geoid undulations (±120 meters ) and to the "permanent" sea level rise (1-2 meters).

Mean Dynamic Topography

Mean sea surface height above geoid computed on a 20 years period (1993-2012).
The Mean Dynamic Topography results from the ocean mean geostrophic currents

Mean Dynamic Topography

Mean sea surface height above geoid computed on a 20 years period (1993-2012).
This sea surface height is specifically computed over Mediterranean Sea.

Global tide

Ocean tide elevations (amplitude, phase), tide loading and tide currents computed by up-to-date finite elements modelling and data (both tide gauges and altimeter) assimilation.

Coastal tide

X-TRACK Tidal Constants 
Coastal tidal constants computed for 73 constituents by using harmonic analysis for long-time series missions. 

Atmospheric Corrections

Dynamic Atmospheric Correction
Correction of the ocean response to atmospheric wind and pressure forcing, computed using Mog2D baroropic model for high frequencies (i.e. less than 20 days), and an Inverted Barometer correction for lower frequencies.

Wet tropospheric correction
GPD+ dataset where the correction is computed by combining all available observations in the vicinity of the point: valid measurements from the on-board microwave radiometer, from Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) coastal and island stations, and from scanning imaging MWR on board various remote sensing missions.