Dynamic Atmospheric Correction

Types of dataset: auxiliary products
Contents: year by year directories (1992 - ongoing), day by day groups of files, 4 files a day (12:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 GMT); grid is a regular grid (0.25°x0.25°)
Use: coastal oceanography, operational oceanography, ocean circulation, tide studies
Description: Dynamic Atmospheric Correction based on: 

  • Mog2D-G High Resolution barotropic model developed by Legos/CNRS for high frequency (i.e less than 20 days) 
  • an IB correction developed by CLS, assuming a static response of the ocean to atmospheric forcing, and neglecting wind effects for low frequency (i.e more than 20 days)
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Geographic coverage: global
Format: NetCDF
Distribution media: FTP
Condition of access: products delivered for scientific purposes only as stated in the licence agreement. Further information: Access to auxiliary products.
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File weight: 900 KB per file
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Copyright: 1992- ongoing Cnes/CNRS-Legos/CLS